Fiber arts

The next step: plaid weaving

10 May 2014
I finished my third woven scarf this week! I'm still totally into it.

 After the first three scarfs, which were pretty straightforward to weave, I wanted to do something a bit more challenging. So I decided to make a plaid weave. I found this website called Plaidmaker and fiddled around with the colors I picked from my yarns until I had something I liked.

I've just warped my loom (which means I've tied on the lengthwise threads) and I'm ready to go!

And another one: weaving!

3 May 2014
You'd think I was doing enough different crafts by now but I've added another one to my arsenal. Weaving! It all started with this small weaving loom I found for a bargain price at a thrift store. Weefgetouw It sat around in my closet for a while before I psyched myself up to give it a try. After some startup problems I got going a couple of weeks ago and last week the first project came off the loom. 2014-04-25 14.36.33 Now I've just finished the second one too

But there's more... I've also found a bigger weaving loom, again for a bargain price this week. I do need to replace the reed (the metal 'comb' you use to push the thread into place) so it'll be a while before I get started, but there's definitely more weaving to come.

2013: a year in temperatures

3 May 2014
I haven't been very good about updating my blog.... Again! So I'll keep this brief. My main project for 2013 was this huge temperature Amineko. Year in Temperatures Amineko 2013 The idea originated on Ravelry with the year in temperatures scarf where you make 365 rows and each row represents the temperature of the day. Year in Temperatures Amineko 2013 More info on Ravelry Other fiber projects in 2013: I started knitting in 2012, and added the Jacobus monkey to my favourite patterns. _MG_7331.jpg A baby gift set for my niece And a matching set of fingerless gloves and cowl _MG_6539.jpg


13 Aug 2012
Blankets or afghans are a common project among most crocheters. When I started crocheting I quickly discovered the granny square and thought it was a great idea, small items you can make quickly and in the end turn into one big blanket. I gathered enough yarn and started making a few squares. But there it stalled. I was rethinking the whole blanket thing because I have a pretty big stash I sort of bought for the purpose of some kind of blanket thing but that was just sitting there. So again I thought of squares. But then I thought of all that working in of ends, all that stitching together. Ugh. The answer was to find some other pattern, something that you can work up in one piece. I'm not too fond of the stripes. I hate starting with a really long chain. I found the answer in the Wool eater blanket. I found one project on Ravelry which used the same type of yarn I had laying around and that detailed how much weight went into each round, and another with a good description and lovely colors. Inspiration for the color selection was my newest additions to the household. Two orange furry balls of energy. Their orange fur goes really well with blue and teal. Meet Oliver and Noah. Stash eater blanket Noah & Stash eater blanket I'm about 2/3 of the way done with it. And of course this was meant as a stash eater which it does pretty well (around 9 skeins in so far) but as is often the case it's made me want to make more like this and that has made me look for more yarn. Sigh. But this is not the only project I've been working on since my last post (no wonder, that was 7 months ago.... oops). Here's the cat bed that I made shortly after my guys came home. _MG_0508.jpg _MG_0509.jpg _MG_0702.jpg _MG_0707.jpg And of course my Amineko collection continues CarinekoSkinnimini AminekoAmineko series Black: Mini _MG_9608.jpg Amineko's are lovely to work on and make a great project for travel or taking along to a friend. Plus the more you have together the better it looks somehow. I am still struggling to find a pattern for my next blanket. I now have some lovely dark red, plum and cream yarn I want to do something with, I'd like to make a rectangular blanket now as opposed to the square wool eater. I'm not too fond of the striped patterns, nor do I want all the work of the granny squares because I know I'll just not finish it. So if you have any ideas?

One year of crochet

18 Jan 2012
Exactly one year ago today is when I first really started crocheting. To 'celebrate', today I finished a project that I'd been at for four months. And in physical size it's the smallest to date. Nano Amineko This tiny tiny TINY or 'Nano' Amineko is made using size 80 tatting cotton, a 0.6mm hook and a lot of patience. I would have never tried this if my friend Nathalie, who started crocheting after I gave her two Amineko's, wouldn't have done this first. Here's my little guy with his 'big' sister, which she gave me back in September. Nano Amineko Two days ago I finished the biggest Amineko I've made so far, using the large pattern from the book and sport cotton. It has just about 4 times the stitches as the regular pattern, but I think this one was still faster than the Nano. Black Amineko I started this one around Christmas so here he is with the Christmas edition Black Amineko And just to show the difference between the 'Nano' and the 'Grande': Nano Amineko So here it all is, one year of crochet (minus the projects that family and friends managed to pry from my fingers ;-)) 1 year of crochet 1 year of crochet

All Granny Shawl & Neko family growing

25 Sep 2011
During my operation recovery at some point I tried to get back to doing Ami's but it turned out it was still too much to crochet so tightly. So I went to the local chain store that sells cheap acrylic and picked some yarn to keep me busy. It's been a while, and I've done a few Amineko's in between but a few weeks ago I finally added the border to the half granny and yesterday I took some pics. Half Granny Mosaic So I'm now going back and forth between shawls and Amineko's. I'm working on a Cassandra In purple/red/brown variegated yarn and a big and cuddly Eva's Shawl as inspired by this version by ravelry's Snobby. On the Amineko side I finished a teal one. Teal Amineko My friend Nathalie, who also got into making Amineko's (see my previous post), found some size 10 crochet yarn (in case you're not familiar with crochet yarn sizes, the higher the number, the thinner it is, so the two small neko's in the previous post were made with size 5 yarn, this is twice as thin) and started making Amineko's with that yarn. They're so terribly cute, after she gave me one, I had to have a go myself. Skinnimini Redstripe Amineko Teal & Redstripe Skinnimini Amineko In the meantime, she's gone quite a step further, she's actually made a few neko's now using size 80(!!) thread. More on that later.

I started on shawls... and now I can't stop!

18 Apr 2011
In my last post I showed you my first shawl WIP. Well I finished that and started and finished another and working on a third. My Ravelry bookmarks are filling up with all kinds of shawls I want to make. Now I get why last year there was a "10 shawls in 2010" group and this year there's a 11 shawls in 2011 group.. which I've joined now. There just great items to make, you can always make them fit, they look great... Anyway, enough ranting, time for some pictures. Mohair Shawl Here's the first one, modeled by my mom. Mohair Shawl This is a pattern by Bernat, makes a lovely wavy pattern in the shawl. Secondly I tried the Hydrangea shawl by JosefinaKnits, also a lovely pattern that makes the shawl fall round your neck naturally. Hydrangea Shawl Hydrangea Shawl Before I started on these I had already started on another Amineko, this time for my mom, wanted to finish it now. Purple Amineko Purple Amineko As for the third shawl (well, actually, it's a wrap), I'm working in Tunisian crochet, it's a pattern by Marty Miller. Had to get the hang of Tunisian first so did a few test runs, now I'm really on my way. Tunisian Wrap WIP Over the next month or so I won't be able to crochet much and update this blog so I'll be back in the summer!

end oF the Week update

27 Mar 2011
Reading well known crocheter's blogs like Stacey Trock's Fresh Stitches I learned about FO Friday and WIP Wednesday (FO=Finished Object, WIP=Work In Progress) and tried to participate but I kept missing the right days to post. So I decided to combine them in the end oF Week update. It's been a little bit more (cough) than a week since my last post so there's quite a few things to share. Last time I showed you my new bag. The next day I took it out to a local craft fair and lo and behold, halfway through the day it had stretched so much it was practically on the floor. The only way to solve it was to line it, so the nect day I started working on it, using an ecru colored pillow case from Zeeman. I found two tutorials on creating a lining and sewing it in and off I went. I'm no expert on using a sewing machine, I've only ever sewn on paper and plastic page protectors but I managed to make something I was happy with. Here's the lining inside out before sewing the bottom corners to the bag. You can see the pockets I added for pattern sheets and books, and for my crochet hook wrap. IMG_1065.jpg Here's the finished bag with the pockets in use. Textured Mesh Tote I made my Amineko a little sister using crochet cotton and a 1.75mm hook. Quite tiring but its very cute. I'm working on another one with catania cotton for my mom at the moment. Teeny Neko When I started crocheting I found one or two cowl patterns and I just knew I wanted to make some. I'm always fighting with my scarfes to try and keep them in place and the idea of a cowl is just perfect. I started with the Convertible Cowl by JustessDesigns Convertible Cowl Next I found the scalloped cowl by Lion Brand Yarn, a lovely pattern for a light cowl. I made a hat to go with it, using the divine hat pattern by Sarah Arnold I made a second cowl for ?y mom, who's knitted a number of scarves for me over the years, time to return the favor. Divine Hat Salmon Scalloped Cowl Now for the WIPs. Once I finished my bag I wanted to start on a granny square afghan. I have a few squares finished, still contemplating the final design (which squares in which color combinations and how many of each). Here's the squares i chose so far. Willow and Briar Rose from Jan Eatons book, and the Sunburst square by Priscilla Hewitt. Granny Square - Willow (Jan Eaton)WillowBriar Rose Briar Rose SquareSunburst SquareSunburst Square And right now I'm working on a shawl. I bought some soft mohair yarn at zeeman and wanted to give it a try. At first I selected the sweet pea shawl that's included in the Stitch 'n B.... crochet book but I wasn't happy with how it was turning out so I selected the crochet shawl pattern by Bernat Here's my shawl so far, love the look and feel. Mohair crochet shawl WIP Finally, I made two roll up cases (or wraps, not sure what the "official" term is) for my moms knitting needles and my tunisian crochet hooks, both using a slightly modified pillow case. Knitting needle and tunisian crochet hook role upsKnitting needle roll upTunisian crochet hook roll up Happy Sunday!